Humanity is the solution

Thol Kudu Thozha

சக உயிர்களிடம் காட்டும் ௮ன்பு, கடவுளிடம் காட்டும் ௮ன்பை விட மிகப் பெரியது! தானமும், தர்மமும் இல்லாதவர்களுக்கே, எல்லாம் இருக்கிற கடவுளுக்கு ௮ல்ல! ❤

Humantiy is the Solution.

Thol Kodu Thozha the name means give your shoulders, yes lend your shoulders to the one who is about to lose hope. Lets our hand together to tap them and bring their hopes high.

I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot, but together we can do great things

Mother Terasa

How You Can Get Involved

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Charity Fund

Your contribution has the power to uplift children in dire situations. We’re working towards a nation where its children live a secure life, full of opportunities for growth and development. Presently, we have 65 projects running across 18 states of India, where we were able to reach a total of 10.37 lakh children in 2020.

Come, play your part. Come, donate.

Student Scholarship

We assist students to pursue their dreams and become successful by our scholarship programme. We choose the right opportunities in terms of education for deserving but unprivileged students


Educational Awareness

Education is a weapon to improve one’s life. TKT is conducting several awareness programs in rural areas. We are mentoring students to achieve their career goals and guiding them on their successive stages.

Social Welfare Activities

TKT is not solely focusing on education, but with a multi-pronged approach. Budging the society towards common future i.e. inclusion and sustainable development.


Saving Lives & Educated Children

Children Placed


Blood Donated

What We Do

“Thol kudungal thozhargale” We as a group of friends from different backgrounds wanted to be a part of changing world and to unite people like us to help our brothers and sisters from another parents. Since its inception, TKT has been striving much to disseminate the benefits of higher education to the deprived. TKT also offers help to the perturbed in times of natural calamities like floods, storms, and epidemics. In today’s cosmopolitan world, for our own motherland, a junction of two great systems, humanity and morality, is the only hope. TKT is open to all without discrimination on the basis of religion, race, creed, and gender. As we have a cadre of selfless workers who devoted themselves to see a changed society, we gleefully welcome you to join with us.


Our Mission

 To bring authentic change in socio-economic status and agricultural development by building a community of literates and reinstate humanity.Bestow financial assistance to the well-deserved but underprivileged students from any sector without any segregation.

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Children are the building blocks of our nation’s future. Let’s invest in their potential today, so that they can become our scientists, politicians, sportspeople, journalists and teachers of tomorrow!

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If we all do something, then together there is no problem that we cannot solve!

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